We have created these Guidelines in agreement with Apple Inc. and Google LLC so you can help us maintain a safe environment for every user within our unique Tango community. We practice what is called zero-tolerance policy and in our sole discretion have the right to remove any content and/or disable any user account that violates these requirements. Content in violation includes anything that can be seen, heard and/or referenced in any Live broadcast, broadcast title, images, and anything posted or contained in any profile.

You must be at least 18 years old to download the app, register and broadcast on Tango. It is possible for a person under 18 to appear on stream briefly, but only when at least 1 adult streamer is on screen and supervising. Please be aware that Tango moderation software scans all broadcasts for underage appearances and can shutdown your live if it detects such a case.

 Dress Code for Broadcasters

  • A broadcaster must be fully dressed while streaming. (Dear male broadcasters, wearing a shirt is required as well as wearing a bottom.)

  • It is not allowed to stream naked, even if the body is partially covered with a towel, blanket or veil.

  • Broadcasting in undergarments without any additional clothing is forbidden. (That includes lingerie, peignoirs, neglige, transparent nightgowns and laced pajamas)

  • Chest, buttocks and genital organs have to be completely covered with an opaque fabric. (No cheeky shorts, no bralette tops)

  • The neckline on the garment or cleavage should not be below the bottom of your breasts.

  • Swimsuits are only allowed in pools or nearby outdoor waters.

  • Taking a shower or a bath while broadcasting is prohibited.

Nudity or Overly Sexualized Content

Any overly sexualized content is forbidden on Tango Live and could result in a ban from broadcasting and/or account suspension. Sexualized content includes: sexually suggestive or provocative activities such as sexual behavior, sexually suggestive or provocative language, sexual services being offered which include escort services and/or distribution of filmed sexual content.

It is prohibited to:

  • rub your chest, buttocks and genital area or touch another person's intimate parts

  • kiss and hug during the broadcast (Unless it is a brief friendly hug)

  • touch anything with the tongue

  • place in the mouth objects that are not food

  • dance in a sexual way, that simulates a sex act

  • show any sex toys and use them on stream

  • imitate any type of sexual activity physically or verbally (including advertising of any media or entrance to chats/private broadcasts)

  • only show your legs or feet during your broadcast

Harassment, Hateful Speech, or Bullying are prohibited

This includes:

  • discriminatory or hateful remarks towards gender, religion or faith, race or ethnicity, age or disability, physical appearance, or sexual orientation

  • altering images of another individual shared with the intent to publicly shame or bully

  • recording users broadcasts with the intent to blackmail, re-stream, sell or distribute on other websites

  • sharing other user's personal information without his/her consent (phone number, email, physical address, important documents, private messages and such)

  • profanity intended to hurt another individual

  • blackmail or harassment of any kind

Criminal Activities of any kind are prohibited

This includes:

  • any display of criminal activities

  • physical violence towards other people, animals, businesses and vandalism of property.

  • self-mutilation

  • usage or display of drugs, paraphernalia and other illegal substances and gear

  • threats of violence toward another individual or a group

  • displays of child abuse, self-mutilation and/or bodily harm, or animal cruelty

  • display and/or use of firearms, cold steel arms and other kinds of weapons, promoting gun violence

  • propaganda of terrorist organizations, extremist groups and sects with radical violent views, recruiting and agitation

Profile Content

The following is not tolerated:

  • Impersonation of any kind, pretending to be another individual with the intent to deceive others or gain financial benefit, posting another user's photo or video in a profile without consent, use it as a stream preview picture or distribute it in chat.

  • Posting any external links (except links to your social network accounts)

  • Placing your phone number and any payment information on your page or onto your photos

  • Advertising services and selling merchandise, sending commercial offers to users in chat

  • Offering assistance in coin purchasing or diamond redemption

Text and images added in broadcasts' stickers are moderated according to content rules from above

By using Tango Live, you agree to these guidelines and our Terms of Use. Overstepping the above boundaries may lead to erased content, suspended account or other restrictions.

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