7 tips to improve your broadcasting skills and be the best!

  1. Be joyful, smile, and have fun! Share your positive emotions... You're in the entertainment business after all!
  2. Pay attention to your special gifters: Remember who your fans are and let them feel your excitement when you receive a gift. 
  3. Consistency is key: Try to broadcast every day, at least 1 hour per day.
  4. Don't be shy, start a dialogue: Keep conversation and ask your viewers questions (preferably in English). Remember details about them for future conversations.
  5. Location, location and location: Think about where you're broadcasting. It should be bright and well lit so viewers can see you. Background music is helpful too!
  6. Show off your talents: Sing, play music, read a poem, play a game, tell a story, dance. It's not about how talented you are, but that you tried!
  7. Become popular: # of Gifts (diamonds) and viewers in broadcasts help you rank higher in the Popular Live screen.
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