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How to become a Popular Broadcaster?
How to become a Popular Broadcaster?

Here are some fun tips on how to promote your Tango account, get noticed, gain more viewers and maximize your earnings on Tango!

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We enjoy how diverse and inspirational our Tango community is and that our users have this unique opportunity to express themselves, their personalities and talents and show it to the world!

We hope that the following tips will help you improve your broadcasting receive recognition, gain more viewers and maximize your earnings:

  1. Be joyful, smile, and unleash your individuality! Positive emotions attract people, it is a fact! Spread good vibes and they will come back to you in a form of new followers.

  2. Value your fans: Engage with your viewers when they visit your stream, greet them, make them feel welcome, ask questions, keep the conversation going. Remember who your gifters are and show gratitude every time they send you gifts.

  3. Consistency is key: Try to broadcast every day, at least 1 hour per day. Tango has a great bonus for longer broadcasts, when you beat your average broadcast time, you start receiving +10%, +15% and +20% more diamonds for every gift. The more you stream the more you earn!

  4. Speaking of bonuses... It is important to stay updated about current Tango bonus programs and promotions, they can help you maximize your income! Accumulate gift collections, participate in the referral and mentorship programs, invite users to subscribe to your streams. Those perks are created for you to take advantage of!

  5. "The devil is in the details". Think about where you're broadcasting. Your background should be simple but appealing (no dirty socks laying around), location - bright and well lit so that the viewers can see you. if you stream in the dark messy room, your camera will have a hard time providing a high video quality. Do you know why jewelry stores have such a great lighting? So that the diamonds shine brighter! Another good idea is to add music which will set the atmosphere.

  6. Show off your creativity in confidence: Sing, play instruments, read a poem, play a game, tell a story, dance. If you do it with passion, the audience will appreciate! If you are not too good in improvising write a small plan for your convenience, think what you are going to speak about, make a list of songs that you wish to perform, write down some pinpoints.

  7. Social Media impact: Want your stream to be seen by many users? Then make sure it is showing on multiple Tango boards. Link your Instagram page to the account and your stream will start appearing on the Instagram tab. Find some friends and have a live party together! For the creative content we also offer tabs Artists, Music and Dance. You are welcome to join them.

  8. Last but not least, no stream will succeed without a strong internet connection, high speed WIFI is your best option, it will keep the image clear and detailed, gifts and comments will arrive without a delay. Less stress for you and your viewers!

Now that you know all the secrets your success on the platform is inevitable!

Happy Tangoing!

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