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How do I start a Premium Live broadcast on Tango?
How do I start a Premium Live broadcast on Tango?

Aside from the Public broadcast that can be accessed by all users Tango offers the option for a Premium or Private broadcast.

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When you decide to start a live broadcast you can pick and choose who is going to have an opportunity to join it. Think of it as a private party, invitations only. Followers that weren't invited will not receive a notification and won't see your stream on the following page. You can have a quality time with your closest friends or one-on-one dialog with that special someone.

There are 2 ways to start a Tango Live Premium broadcast:

1. From the stream start page:

  • Click on Orange Camera button to start Tango Live broadcast

  • On the next page click on The Key icon (on the left)

  • Set the entry fee gift and send invitations to whom you want

  • Proceed to the Premium broadcast

2. From the ongoing Public stream:

  • Enter a Public broadcast

  • Tap on the Key icon (on the bottom of the stream window)

  • Select Invite all or select the gifters you want to invite

  • Tap Start. Congratulations you are now in a Private Live broadcast!

Premium broadcasts may be started by any user with over 500 diamonds in total balance.

If you use IOS device and the option to go Premium does not appear in your app, you may need to disable content restrictions in the settings, please click here to find out how.

Premium broadcasts are moderated by an automatic moderation software for severe violation of Guidelines like nudity and sexually suggestive sounds, it also does get screened by our moderation software for appearances of underage persons.

Note, please, that the absence of streamer for 2-4 minutes in the Live is also considered as violation, consequently the stream will be shutdown.

We respectfully ask you to continue following the Guidelines in your Premium broadcasts.

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