You can now link a new Payoneer account and overwrite the old one within your Tango app. All you need to do is to update your app to the latest version of Tango and you'll see the Payoneer option when you redeem.

Please restart your device or force close the app, and then try to cash out like the first time and then proceed on linking your new Payoneer email to Tango.

If any information auto-populates during the linking process, make sure the correct and active Payoneer info is linking to your Tango account.

To redeem:

  1. Open your Tango app
  2. Navigate to your profile
  3. Tap on Redeem
  4. Tap on Change Payoneer ID
  5. Click on "Already have a Payoneer Account?" to Log-in and link your account. (please make sure to enter the NEW one)
  6. If you have successfully linked your active Payoneer account you should be able to redeem your diamonds after.
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