You can link a new Payoneer account and disconnect the old one within Tango application anytime.

Here are the steps to take:

  1. Open your Tango app

  2. Navigate to your Profile Page

  3. Tap on "Redeem"

  4. Tap on "Change Payoneer ID"

  5. On the following page choose the option "Already have a Payoneer Account?" and enter your login information.

  6. If the new Payoneer account is linked successfully you should be able to request a redemption right away.

*Important Notice*

If you have recently signed in to your Tango account from a new device the option to change Payoneer ID within the app will become unavailable. This security measure is taken to protect your funds from an unauthorized access.

In this case, you will discover an error message, that says: "Oops, something went wrong!" when you try to change your Payoneer.

Please, do not worry, we can help reset your Payoneer settings manually.

All you need to do is to send a message to our Customer Support chat (Message that contains the following words: "I want to link a new Payoneer account") and attach a selfie with your photo ID in hand.

Please refer to this example for your convenience:


Our agents will thoroughly check your request and unlink the old Payoneer ID from your account.

To link a new one simply click Cash Out => "Already have Payoneer account?" and proceed to login.

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