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How do I add a profile picture?
How do I add a profile picture?

Make your profile page more personable by adding a ravishing photo of yourself as your avatar!

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To add an image as your avatar please:

  • Navigate to your profile page

  • Tap the Camera icon on your profile picture

  • Choose to select a picture from your Gallery or take a new picture with your camera

Once you have saved your profile picture, Tango doesn't have an option to delete it without replacing with the new one.

To replace an existing profile picture please:

  • Navigate to your profile page

  • Click on your existing profile picture

  • Choosing a new one from the Gallery

As an alternative, you may go to the app settings and choose the tab "Edit Profile".

The option to edit a photo can also be found there.

Please remember that the photos that you post on your page need to follow The Guidelines. Photos that contain a violation will be subject for deletion and the account may face penalties.

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