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How do I delete my Tango account?
How do I delete my Tango account?

Leaving Tango?

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We’re sorry to see you go. If there is something we can do to address your concerns, please let us know. If you still wish to delete your Tango account, you can use one of the methods described below.

To request the deletion of your Tango account on the web:

  1. Go to the Settings page. If you are not logged in to your Tango account, you will be asked to log in first.

  2. Click Delete Account button.

  3. Select one of the reasons for account deletion. Click Delete Account.

To request the deletion of your Tango account in the mobile app:

  1. Click in your Profile picture.

  2. Click Account.

  3. Click Delete Account.

  4. Confirm that you want to Delete Account.

  5. Select the reason and click Delete Account.

Your request will be processed within a thirty-day period. Once the processing period for the deletion request concludes, access to your account will be permanently disabled, and we will delete your personal information. However, certain information may be retained to fulfill legal obligations, prevent fraud, maintain records, resolve disputes, and enforce our policies. Retention periods will be determined based on the type of information collected and the purposes for which it was collected. For more details, please refer to Tango’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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