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How do I use Tango on my iPad/iPod?
How do I use Tango on my iPad/iPod?

How to sign up for Tango on iOS using a tablet or other non-smartphone device.

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Even though your Tablet PC may not be supporting SIM-cards and thus can't receive SMS, you still can sign up for a Tango account, easily.

  1. Sign up with Apple ID. This is the most straightforward method if you are using an Apple device. However, if your iOS version is 11 or older, this method may be unavailable.

  2. Sign up using Google! Even if you are using an Apple tablet, you can sign in through Google authorization. Use Sign up with Google to get an account without a phone number.

  3. Enter you phone number and use your mobile phone to receive the SMS - do it once to sign in, and that's it.

  4. If you have a Facebook account, you may sign up using your Facebook login. You must be logged into your Facebook to do this.

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