Tango wants to provide you with ads that are as relevant and useful as possible. If you don’t want Tango or other companies to collect or use information based on your activity on your device, please follow the instructions below. Please note that this will only limit other companies from tracking you with ads. This doesn't mean you'll remove or limit the amount of ads you see in Tango:


Android Device Settings App >> Account >> select Google account >> Ads >> turn ON 'Opt out of interest-based ads'


iOS Device Settings App >> Privacy >> Advertising >> turn ON 'Limit Ad Tracking'

Sometimes we display ads from our partners. One of our partners, Facebook, has the following explanation regarding their ads:

Ads By Facebook

Facebook wants to show ads that are relevant to you. We may consider ads for you based on information you share on Facebook and your use of other websites and apps. To learn more about this type of advertising and your choices about it, visit https://www.facebook.com/about/ads.

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