There are a few different types of VIP status on Tango: BRONZE, SILVER, and GOLD.

Every one of them gives certain privileges:
BRONZE: Bronze profile, special gifts
SILVER: Silver profile, premium gifts
GOLD: Gold profile, animated gifts

You are granted with Bronze status if you purchase 11000 coins in one week. Please, keep in mind that Tango counts the past 7 days. That is why when you refill your balance with 10000 coins on the first day, during the next 7 days you may receive Bronze status if you add 1000 coins. On the 8th day, the Bronze status will again be granted only for 11000 coins deposit. 

You are granted with Silver status if you refill your balance with 46000 coins. And last but not least, the Gold status you receive if you purchase 117,500 coins in 7 days.

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