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Setting up a Payoneer Account
Setting up a Payoneer Account

A detailed step-by-step guide on how to create your Payoneer account and link it to Tango

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Got your first diamonds on Tango and wondering how to turn them into real money💵 💰?

We'll show you how to hook up to Payoneer in no time!

First, open your Tango App, and go to your profile

1. Click Get Money, then click Add withdrawal method and pick Payoneer. You will be taken to the Payoneer official website where you can proceed with account's registration.

Alternatively, you may sign up for a Payoneer account directly through their website -

2. Enter your personal information as seen below. It is very important that you enter genuine details - it will help you recover the account, and your money in case of emergency.

3. Now time to enter your residence info. This information must be genuine too! In the last fields, enter your phone number, wait for Payoneer to send you the code via SMS, and then enter it into the very last field to confirm it.

4. This is where you set up your password, security question, and provide your citizenship information.

5. One final moment. Enter your bank account information.

6. Now, if everything is okay, you will receive the following message:

Check your email immediately! Payoneer has likely sent you a confirmation message that looks like this:


If successful, move on to the next step:

Now you have to wait for Payoneer to review your submission and activate your account. Until then, you cannot link your Payoneer account to Tango. Wait for the confirmation message from Payoneer by email, and come back when you get it.

If you have waited for a couple of days, and the message is not coming, make sure you have checked your spam folders - sometimes it drops there. It may take up to 3 business days for the confirmation to arrive.

Make sure you regularly check your emails - Payoneer may request additional data, for example, a proof of residence.

7. Now, if you have got the confirmation, go to CASHOUT again.

If the app does not log you in automatically, click Already have a Payoneer Account?

8. Enter your Payoneer login information

9. And you're all set! Now you can receive payouts from Tango to your Payoneer.

Congratulations, and best of luck with your broadcasting!

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