If you are already an experienced broadcaster, you can help newcomers learn how to stream wisely and get recognition!

In order to become a Mentor you need to have at least 100 000 lifetime diamonds on your account.

If these conditions are met, during your live broadcast you will be receiving notifications about a newcomer's live streams. You have the option to accept or decline. Upon accepting, both sides get the gift of 200 diamonds.

When mentoring a newcomer, make them feel welcome on Tango, explain the rules and share you best tips to become successful! After all, if you spend at least 5 minutes streaming together, your student will become your referral!

This means you will be earning 10% of all their income for 6 months! The more successful your student is, the more you will be earning from their success!

If you decline to be a mentor 5 times, you will be excluded from the Mentorship program, so you will not be receiving any mentorship requests at all.

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