Audio-Only Broadcasts

Stream only your sound if you don't want to turn on your camera

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Not in the mood to show yourself on camera, or maybe it's just broken? We've got you covered.

While on a audio-only broadcast, your profile picture will be used as a background.

Starting new Audio-Only broadcast

You may now start a live broadcast without turning on your camera - only the sound will go through - you can still talk with your viewers!

To start a sound-only stream press this button in the top-left corner:

Turning off video when live

You can also turn video on and off even when already live. Press the same button in the top-left corner to immediately turn video off or turn it back on.

Joining a Live Party with sound only

Whenever you are invited to a live party, you will get a prompt at the top of the screen that looks like this:

Click "Audio Only" to join without video.

Happy Moments and Audio-Only broadcasts

Happy moments will not be recorded when you are receiving gifts without video feed.

That's it! You may now meet your viewers even if you are not quite ready yet :)

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