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Engage with your special viewers and earn more from your favorite patrons!

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On Tango, viewers may subscribe to your account. For each active subscriber you will receive diamonds every month.

This gives them a number of benefits, including special profile frame on your broadcast and other benefits, the most important of which is the access to your exclusive content.

There are 3 fan levels available at the moment for a coins subscription with prices set by default:

  1. Fan can open access to 3 exclusive posts in a month period - 499 coins cost, you get 349 diamonds

  2. Super fan can see any exclusive posts currently available in account - 999 coins cost, you get 699 diamonds

  3. Exclusive fan can see all exclusive posts + visit premium broadcasts without paying a fee - 4 999 coins cost, you get 3 499 diamonds

Price set by default may be set to higher or lower cost depending on your preferences once you have at least one subscriber:

In your profile, whenever you post a message, a picture, or a video, you may mark it as Subscribers only. Here's how:

Ask your favorite patrons to subscribe! This is a great way to earn a steady income and have a special club for your favorite viewers.

Subscriptions are here to stay, and more benefits and features will be added over time!

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