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Order a music show for your favorite broadcaster

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Many talents are broadcasting their live performances on Tango. You are not limited to just watching them however, now you invite them to perform for your friends and favorite broadcasters! Behold, Artist Gift!

Try it out! Surprise your favorite broadcaster with a live performance! Dance, music, painting, anything goes!

Artist Gift

Now, in the list of gifts, there is one that looks like this:

It costs 999 coins, but try tapping - you won't purchase it right away - there is more to it! You will see a list of performers ready to put up a show!

Go through the list of available performers and pick one you would like to invite, then click the Send button.

We'll send out an invitation to your selected performer. If they accept, the gift will be purchased, and they will come and make your live party even livelier!

But where do the coins go?

I'm glad you asked.

The gift itself costs 999 , so the diamond equivalent of half (500) will go to your broadcaster, and the other half (500) will go to the performer!

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