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Artist Gift - What is it, and How it Can Help You earn
Artist Gift - What is it, and How it Can Help You earn

Perform a live show ordered by viewers, for broadcasters - a fine way to earn extra!

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Artist Gift is not a simple present. If you are a performer listed in the Artists tab, whenever you host a single broadcast, you may get an invitation to perform for someone else. Here's how it looks on your end:

So, you will know in advance, who is inviting you, and for whom you are going to be performing.

Press GET COINS button to accept an invitation and join the broadcast to perform a song, a dance, or whatever you are talented in! If you don't want to perform for that person, simply ignore the invitation.

This gift can be sent only in a single broadcast, or in a live party with no more than 3 participants.

In the gift drawer, it looks like this:

The value of the gift will be split between you and the recipient - an equivalent of 500 coins each, in diamonds.

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