Competition Broadcasts!

Battle against your friends and foes alike, in competition broadcasts, and win extra diamonds!

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On Tango, broadcasters may battle against each other for a prize - bonus diamonds!

Challenge others!

You may invite any broadcaster for a quick friendly competition. You have 3 options:

  • From an ongoing Live Party. Press the Games icon and pick Battle to challenge your partner

  • From a regular single broadcast, tap the Games icon, choose Battle and choose someone to challenge them

Upon choosing someone, they will receive your challenge, and an option to accept or decline it.

Challenging multiple users

Up to 4 users can participate in a Battle!

All Live Party streams, you and your fellow Creators will receive a 1% Bonus on every Gift viewers send, including the Gifts you get! Yes, you read that right – get BONUS DIAMONDS on EVERY Gift in Live Party & Battle – now even on your own gifts!🎁

Who is the winner?

A competition on Tango is a battle for gifts!

Rules are simple: whoever gets more coins during the battle, wins!

The winner takes a huge bonus of 8% for all the diamonds received during the battle! What about the other combatant? There are no losers - the other side still gets all the gifts they have received with the 1% bonus for each of them, and a chance to take revenge in another round!

Can there be a draw?

Yes, in case of a draw, there is no winner! D'oh!

Try it out!

Broadcasters, big and small, love to go against each other in friendly matches! Haven't tried it yet? Don't hesitate - invite your friends and show your talents to win and earn extra diamonds!

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