Incognito Mode

Don't want to show yourself on Premium broadcasts? Use Incognito Mode - nobody will see or hear you!

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Did you know that you can visit premium broadcasts in ghost mode?

Don't be shy - go for it!

Look for the broadcasts with a shady spy icon, like this one:

This means that you can enter this broadcast without revealing your identity! Tap this broadcast to reveal the options. Flag the one that says Enter Incognito:

What about gifting?

We've got you covered. Sending gifts will not reveal your identity. Here's what your gifts will look like:

Don't worry about this. The feature is well-tested, and we've made sure nobody will ever know you were there!

How to I get this feature?

There no special requirements to get this feature, you just need to find a private broadcast with a spy icon, that's all.

Does this mean I can do anything?

Not quite! We'll be sure to make your presence private, but if you still choose to be bad to other users and violate our Terms of Service, you still may be reported or blocked by other users.

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