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How to fill out a tax reporting form (W9, W8-BEN)

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Why am I required to fill out a tax form?

TangoMe, Inc. is a company based in the United States, thus, we are obligated to gather certain information about the users who are using the Tango live streaming app to earn income.

As per requirements of the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), we are required to keep information about each user who is earning $600 or above in a single year.

Thus, without having you filled out the form, we are not allowed to continue paying you beyond that amount.

Will you charge me extra to pay the taxes?


This process exists only for reporting purposes. Tango does not pass this information about you to the IRS unless we are specifically requested to to that!

Neither Tango, nor Payoneer will deduct anything from your account in the process.

Where do I get the form?

All of the forms with a personal access token are distributed by our partners at Payoneer. Check your inbox for a message from Payoneer to find your personal access link. If you are unable to find the link, please contact customer support for assistance.

How do I choose which form to fill out?

Click the link to your personal form, and you will be met with an option to choose between different forms.

If you don't know which one to choose, use the wizard presented by Payoneer to find out.

Generally, you will have a choice between the following forms:

  1. W9

  2. W8 ECI

  3. W8 BEN

  4. W8 BENE

Generally, if you are an individual, you are most likely looking for W9 or W8 BEN

  • If you are considered a US person, W9 is the form to choose.

  • If you are not connected to US and are not subject to US taxation, choose W8 BEN

If you are not sure which form to choose, please contact a tax specialist about this.

I've never done this! How do I fill out the form?

This is a guide that you will likely use if you are not a US person, and you are filling W8-BEN.

Part I

This is the most important part. Here's the fields you may encounter.

  1. Name of individual who is the beneficial owner (Your first name, middle name and last Name)

  2. Country of citizenship

  3. Permanent residence address (Your actual street address)

  4. Mailing address (if different from residence address - optional)

  5. SSN/ITIN - this is an optional field that you are supposed to fill if you are a registered taxpayer in the United States.

  6. Foreign TIN - This is your NON-US tax identification number, issued in your country of citizenship. If you have not filled 5 (SSN/ITIN) then this field is mandatory.

  7. Date of Birth

Part II

This is a fully optional part. Fill it out if you know that you have Tax Treaty Benefits.

If you would like to learn about your potential tax treaty benefits, click here.

Please mind that certain sections may be automatically filled by Payoneer, and thus not necessarily have to be filled manually.

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