Perks to being a Tango artist

Becoming a Tango artist gives you amazing benefits!

  • Showing up in the Artists tab - the best place to show off your talents! Remember, the better your performances - and the more you interact with your audience - the more followers, views, and gifts you get.

  • Guaranteed support from Tango - up to $200 per month!
    Tango supports its approved artists with monthly gifts that ensures they earn at least $200 a month for streaming 3 hours a day. We continue to evolve our support and often include additional bonuses periodically.

How to Become an Artist

Just do what you are good at! Play guitar? Broadcast yourself playing and our system automatically recognizes you as an artist. Remember that it may take up to 3 broadcasts to be added to the Artists tab. Just keep up your best stuff and you’ll be there in no time!

Follow these steps:

  • Be sure to organize your profile so that it's clear who you are: dancer, musician, painter, etc. Upload an avatar photo of yourself with instruments, a microphone, or while dancing so everyone knows what you do. It's a great way to get into the Artist category even quicker!

  • Be sure to link your Instagram account to your Tango profile. This allows your followers to get to know you better, and even become your fans.

  • Submit your request via our official application form

The Rules a Tango Artist Must Follow

We have a set of rules and conditions for artists, not to throw a monkey wrench in your works, but to guarantee a fair and equal playing field for all our talented broadcasters on Tango:

  • Be sure to spend most of your airtime performing your activity. Make it clear that your broadcasts are about your art first.

  • You cannot leave your stream empty for too long. It’s fine to step out for a minute, but if you’re gone for too long your artist status will be removed. If you need to you can set your broadcast to audio mode, and our system will not take the video into account.

  • Tango Artist is first and foremost for quality and safe content. We certainly trust our broadcasters, but in case we detect activity that is not related to your artistic skills, such as sexually explicit behaviour or lack of clothing, your artist status will be removed.

  • If you stop engaging in activities as an artist and just host regular broadcasts, your artist status will be removed too.

  • The artist support program is valid indefinitely, but once you reach a balance of 1,500,000 diamonds, the support status will be removed.

Tango Artist Support Program

Support is given to artists who are consistent with their streaming.

  • To get the $200, you have to broadcast three hours a day, everyday, for a month. You can broadcast several times a day, but you’ll likely have less viewers and followers.

  • If you can not broadcast 180 minutes a day do not worry, the gifts will still come, just possibly a little less. Again, support is not a guarantee of your success and popularity :)

  • Remember that as an artist you can also lose our support if you don't follow our simple rules.

If you still have some questions left or require a special assistance, please feel free to contact us here:

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