Benefits to being an artist

Becoming an artist gives you the following benefits:

  • Being featured in the Artists tab! Viewers who look for talented dancers, musicians, singers and more are checking this tab all the time to discover new performers on Tango.

  • Earn more! There are a lot of people on Tango who like to support established creators as well as growing stars.

  • Events and promos! Contact a Tango community manager, or go straight to customer support to learn how Tango can help with additional promotion.

How to become an artist

On Tango, it's so easy to start broadcasting, so becoming an artist shouldn't be too hard, right?


Follow these steps:

  • Start doing what you do! Playing a guitar? - just do that, and our smart system will know and add flag you as an artist. Please mind that it may take up to 3 broadcasts to get flagged. Make sure you perform on each broadcast!

  • Make it clear in your profile that you are a dancer, a musician, a painter, etc. Let your profile picture show the tools of your trade so that everyone knows what you do! That's a sure way to get flagged faster.

How to retain the status of an artist


  • Make sure you spend at least 60% of the time on your broadcasts doing what you do - dancing, singing, painting, etc. Don't worry too much about it, it's fine if it's 59% or something - just make sure your shows are dedicated to your performance.

  • If you stop doing the performances altogether and move on to casual broadcasting, your artist status will be revoked.

  • You may always get the artist status back by starting doing it again!

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