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Secure the account from scammers
Secure the account from scammers

How to prevent third party access to the account and not to become scammers' victim

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Tango prevents a user's account from third-party hacks - you do not need to create a password that can be compromised, authorization requires 2-way authentication.

You should get a code either via SMS or Tango app (in case you are logging in from additional devices) upon each new entrance to the account.

Beware of scammers

Kind reminder: Tango employees NEVER request user’s personal activation codes (NEVER EVER EVER) and under no circumstances.

If any Tango user asks you to send 4 digits code - be aware that it is a SCAMMER. Immediately report and block such users.

If a scammer managed to log in to your account:

  • Open Tango Settings > Account > make sure you are the owner of the phone number, email and other credentials associated with the profile.

  • Choose Disconnect other Devices so that to prevent access from other third-party devices.

  • Check your coins and diamonds balance. If it hasn’t changed - then everything is ok.

  • If you noticed your balance changed - immediately contact support and provide all the details of the hacking scenario.

  • Do not panic! If you have already identified the scammer and undertaken steps above - you are definitely on the safe side.

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