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How to verify your account
How to verify your account

Get verified and receive benefits, know more about rejection reasons

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From now on - verification feature is available for all Tango Broadcasters!

Once verified - you will get:

  • Official verification badge,

  • Will receive money without delay.

All you need is to start the process with uploading one of the following documents: passport, identity card, driver license - capture them, take a selfie photo and receive verification approval. Only a few steps and you are fully set up and ready to use suggested benefits!

  1. 'Verify your identity' screen will open once press 'Verify' button in Tango chat.

2. Scan with camera front side of ID document > confirm the Document is reliable.

3. Scan with camera back side of ID document > confirm the Document is reliable.

4. Proceed with selfie to complete verification. The face on photo should match your your document picture. Make sure face is not covered and is well lighted upon making a selfie.

5. Once verified - your data will be accepted and you will be able to proceed with money cash out.

Upon verification - rejection might be received due to several reasons but don't be scared - you can find below the table with explanations to all of them so that you can easily make required adjustments and enjoy the result after.

Verification Rejection Reasons:

Sumsub Response


Document page missing

Some pages of a document are missing (if applicable)

Document template

Documents supplied are templates, downloaded from internet

Not Document

Documents supplied are not relevant for the verification procedure

ID Invalid

A document that identifies a person (like a passport or an ID card) is not valid

Requested data mismatch

Provided info doesn't match with recognized from document data

Selfie mismatch

Your identification is rejected due to the missmatch of your selfie and document picture. We kindly ask you to retry identification process

Low quality

Documents have low-quality that does not allow definitive conclusions to be made


This applicant was already created for this client, and duplicates are not allowed by the regulations


The user uploaded screenshots

Black and White

The user uploaded black and white photos of documents

Expiration Date

The user uploaded expired document

Fraudulent Patterns

Fraudulent behavior was detected


The user was found on sanction lists

Unfilled ID

The user uploaded the document without signatures and stamps

Prohibited Country Or State

Your identification is rejected. We kindly as you to contact service provider for more information

Document Is Damaged

Document is damaged

Inconsistent Profile

Data or documents of different persons were uploaded to one applicant

Document Deprived

The user has been deprived of the document

Not All Checks Completed

All checks were not completed

Selfie With Paper

The user should upload a special selfie (e.g. selfie with paper and date on it)

Age requirement mismatch

Age requirement is not met (18 years old as per rules)


Some unclassified reason

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