Tango believes in providing its Creators, big or small, an opportunity to build their business, engage with their fans, and earn a living from their talents.

In this spirit, we’re proud to launch our Official Artists Club to help jumpstart your success and reward your live-streaming efforts on Tango with boosted promotions and a monthly earnings guarantee!


One of the leading platforms for live streaming and fan discovery, Tango is the place to rise the ranks and shine as an Artist!

1. Perform from anywhere for millions of viewers worldwide

2. Interact with your viewers directly in real-time

3. Earn from your live performance: Redeem fan gifts for cash!

  • Any streamer can become an artist and appear in Tango’s Artists Tab!

  • Simply livestream your artistic talent: perform live music, create art, paint, dance or sing, and our Tango’s Smart Moderation system will detect your talents and tag you as an official Artist within up to 3 days.


We love our community and want to help you get started:

As an artist, we promote your stream in our live Artists tab and For You Recommendations tab, show off your talents to a wide audience and support you with Tango’s Artist Earnings Guarantee!

What you get once you’re in the Club:

  • Increased exposure with appearance in For You Recommendations Tab

  • Boosted discoverability in Artists Tab

  • Daily Earnings Guarantee

  • Special event promotions on Tango’s feed, blog & social platforms

  • Priority community support


Tango supports its Artists with a daily earnings guarantee, based on 5 Guarantee Levels:


  • New Artists start in Level 3 ($100 USD earnings guarantee for their first full month, unless they perform well and get upgraded)

  • Tango guarantees regular earnings for all artists, based on their weekly diamonds and stream time.

  • Stream 2-4 Hours daily to get full Tango Earnings Guarantee (exact stream time requirement depends on your Level and is communicated during livestream).

  • Artists move up or down the Guarantee Levels based on their weekly performance


Now that you’re in, here’s how to stay in the Club!

  • Clean performance (if you commit the following poor behavior, you will be untagged as an Artist on Tango)

  • Continue performing in each of your streams.

  • Maintain engaging performance (good content, stream often, show artistic stream & profile photos)


As a Tango Artist, we want to provide you with priority support when reaching our Customer Support channel in app. Simply go to Profile --> Settings --> Customer Support, and we will respond to your request as soon as possible!


  • Tango is committed to supporting artists and providing a space to perform and make a living.

  • Tango offers it's qualified Artists a minimal daily earnings guarantee, and reserves the right to alter or update the "Artist Earnings Guarantee" program at any time.

  • Level-based earnings guarantee is determined weekly, based on diamonds earned, real gifter earnings and total stream time.

  • Artists no longer receive an "Earnings guarantee" from Tango if they earned:

    • Less than $45 from real gifters in 3 months

    • Less than $100 in 6 months

    • If Artist received continuous earnings guarantee for 3 months or more, while earning less than 30% of earnings from real gifters.

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