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Create your own Family on Tango
Create your own Family on Tango
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Now you can create your own Families on Tango and gather followers in one place! Make sure you have a mutual following to add and to be added to the family.

Who can create Families?

Users earned 500 000 diamonds or purchased 500 000 coins lifetime.

  • Go to your profile and tap "Create Tango Family"

  • Choose those of your followers you want to invite into the Family

  • You can also create your own Family based on an existing group chat

Arrange your family

Increase your community's visibility and appeal

  • Add a Family picture

  • Come up with a name!

  • Add a description to make it clear to all family members and newcomers

Run and manage your family

Make plans, track progress, develop and improve your Family performance in your personal area!

  • Invite newcomers. Grow and manage your own family.

  • Check your family's statistics directly in the app

  • Keep in mind that as an owner you can always remove members from your family (and as a member you can always leave)

Good luck!

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