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Setting up a Cryptopayx account
Setting up a Cryptopayx account
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Exciting News!

Now you can move your diamonds to your Crypto Wallet with Cryptopayx!

Setting Up Cryptopayx

Create a Crypto Account: Before linking Cryptopayx, set up an account with a crypto provider to obtain your Crypto Wallet address

Choose a Vendor: Select from leading options like XBO, Binance, Metamask, Coinspad, and more!
Note: please make sure that you are selecting a vendor that is supported in your region!

Link to Tango: Once your crypto account is ready, easily connect Cryptopayx to your Tango account

Please Note: Make sure you have a Crypto Wallet Address set up before linking to Tango

Once you have it created, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Tango app, go to your profile, and click on Get Money

  2. Tap the Add withdrawal method button.

  3. Tap Add next to Cryptopayx.

4. Enter Wallet Address, select Coin and Network, and click the Connect button

You're all set and can withdraw your diamonds now!

How to Request Withdrawal to your Crypto wallet?

  1. Select Cryptopayx as your withdrawal method

  2. Specify the amount to withdraw

  3. Click Get Money and confirm your request

Tango will review and process your request to your Crypto Wallet

Heads Up!

Cryptopayx applies a minimal 0.5% fee. The diamonds you withdraw will be temporarily deducted from your account during Tango's review process.

Important Note on Network Types

Your chosen network affects:

Cost: Network selection affects the fee for transferring crypto

Speed: Determines how fast your transaction processes

Fees: Higher network fees typically result in quicker transfers

Top Tips for Optimal Use:

Choose Stable Coins: Such as ETH, BTC, USDT, or USDC

Prefer ERC-20 Network: Known for its speed, ensuring quick transactions

How to disconnect your Cryptopayx account:

If you want to disconnect your current Cryptopayx account, you can do it directly from the Tango app!

  • Open your Tango App, and go to the Get Money page in your Menu Settings

  • Tap X to the right of your linked Cryptopayx account

  • Click Disconnect to disconnect your current Cryptopayx account

Key Benefits of using Cryptopayx:

Quick & Easy: Simple steps to connect and use

Safe: Both Tango and Cryptopayx prioritize the security of your funds and data

Flexibility: Pick from many crypto providers

Low Fees: Only a 0.5% charge

Clear Info: Always know what's happening with your money

Speedy Transfers: Get your crypto faster with the right choices


Platforms: iOS and Android

Version Requirement: Version 8.42 and higher

User Eligibility: Open to ALL Creators!

Embrace this new payout feature and enhance your Tango experience today!

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