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Tango Me Online Streaming Platform Rules and Guidelines
Tango Me Online Streaming Platform Rules and Guidelines
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For Gifters (Buyers)

  • Authorized Card Use: Only the cardholder is permitted to use their own card for purchasing on this platform. Utilizing a card that does not belong to you is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate account suspension.

  • Customer Support and Refunds: If you encounter issues with the service or with any purchase, kindly reach out to our Customer Support team for assistance or to request a refund.

For Streamers

  • Account Ownership for Redemptions: Streamers can only redeem earnings to an account (bank account, electronic wallet, car, etc.) that is registered under their name and to which they have full access. Any attempts to redeem earnings to unauthorized accounts will be considered a breach of this rule.

  • Single Account for Bonus Receival: Bonuses can only be received by one streaming account. Misuse of bonus features for profit or other malicious activities will result in suspension of all related accounts.

  • KYC Verification: Know Your Customer (KYC) verification can only be completed by the registered owner of the account. Sharing or borrowing accounts for this purpose is not allowed.

General Rules for All Users

  • Viewer Botting: The use of viewer bots to artificially inflate stream numbers is strictly forbidden. Any detection of viewer bot activity will lead to immediate stream and potential account suspension.

  • Multiple Accounts for Referral Bonus: Creating multiple accounts to award yourself referral bonuses is not allowed. Measures, including account suspension, will be implemented if misuse is detected.

  • Self-Gifting: Sending gifts to yourself using another account either directly or through additional accounts you control, goes against the spirit of our platform.
    We discourage this action as it can lead to an unfair advantage from our features and disrupts the community experience.
    We aim to keep our platform fair and if found self-gifting, it may lead to account restrictions.

  • Community Guidelines: All users are expected to adhere to community guidelines, including respectful interaction with other users. Violations may result in warnings or account suspension.

  • Content Restrictions: Sharing or broadcasting content that is illegal, harmful, or violates the terms of service is not allowed and may lead to account suspension.

  • Data Privacy: Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account information. Sharing your login details with others is a breach of these terms.

These rules aim to create a safe and enjoyable environment for all users. Failure to comply with any of the aforementioned rules may result in disciplinary action, up to and including account suspension.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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