Buy coins with Crypto!

Exciting News! Now you can pay with Crypto to get Tango Coins!

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Don’t have a Crypto wallet?

Create a Crypto Account: Before purchasing coins with Crypto method, set up an account with a crypto provider to obtain your Crypto Wallet address.

Choose a Vendor: Select from leading options like XBO, Binance, Metamask, Coinspad, and more!

Once your crypto account is ready, you can purchase Coins in Tango!

HOW to purchase?

  1. Choose an offer (Note! Offer should be above $15 to be able to use Crypto method)

  2. Make sure the default Crypto Coin and Network work for you. You can change them at any time

  3. Press Next

4. Copy Payment Amount and Paste in your Crypto Wallet

5. Copy Tango Wallet Address and Paste in your Crypto Wallet

6. Complete payment in your Crypto wallet

7. Congrats! Tango will review and process your request and deposit Coins to your account.

Heads Up!

Processing time may take a few minutes depending on the chosen network and coin.

Better to keep the default network and coin for instant payment.

Important Note on Network Types

Your chosen network affects:

Cost: Network selection affects the fee for transferring crypto

Speed: Determines how fast your transaction processes

Fees: Higher network fees typically result in quicker transfers

Top Tips for Optimal Use:

Choose Stable Coins: Such as ETH, USDT, or USDC

Prefer ERC-20 Network: Known for its speed, ensuring quick transactions

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