Setting up a PIX account
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Exciting Update! PIX is now available as an option for you to withdraw your Tango Diamonds!

Here's a clear guide on creating your WebMoney account and linking it to Tango:

  1. Open the Tango app, go to your profile, and click on Get Money

  2. Tap the Add Withdrawal method button

  3. Tap Add next to PIX

  4. Click on Create New Account or provide the required details if you already have one

  5. Once PIX is connected - you will see that you can now use it to withdraw your diamonds!

How to disconnect your PIX account

If you want to disconnect your current PIX account, you can do it directly from the Tango app!

  • Open your Tango App, go to your profile, and then to the Get Money page

  • Click your linked PIX account

  • Click Disconnect to disconnect your current PIX account

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