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Good news for Tango talents!

You can stand out with a unique "Tango Star" or "Tango Superstar" ribbon on your profile.

Ribbons don’t just look great on your profile, they’re proof of your incredible talents & participation as a streamer on Tango!

Curious to know how to earn one?

  • If you are a winner or place in the top 3 of an official Tango-sponsored competition or tournament, ribbons will be added to your profile automatically.

  • Tango events where you can earn a ribbon include:

    • Tango Cup competitions

    • Annual Tango Fame Awards

    • Tango Partners Tournament

    • Or any other official competition event organized by Tango

Terms and Conditions

  • Your activities must not violate the rules of behavior on the platform. (Otherwise, the ribbon may be removed from your profile).

  • Tango reserves the right to pre-moderate the participants and winners of any tournament in which ribbons may be earned.

  • Tango reserves the right to remove the winning ribbons from users’ profiles at their discretion.

Follow our official Tango account for updates, news on current or planned tournaments, and much more!

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